Alberto Miserendino was born in Nicosia, Sicily in 1996 and moved to northern Italy since childhood where he now lives. The approach to photography began early, when taken in hand for the first time a Minolta film SLR camera that belonged to his father. He learned quickly the shoting mechanisms, such as the focus through a manual lens and reload the film after each shot.

The love for nature that surrounded him immediately turned the game into a passion for photography. At age 14 he decided to buy the first digital SLR with his savings, a Nikon D80 with 18-135 kit lens, and devote free time hiking in the nature of the Italian and French Alps. After a few years of experience, thanks to the studies of the great landscape photographers around the world, the excellent friendship with Simone Miotto has turned the passion for photography into a real dedication. With him in fact he had the opportunity to discover the best composition techniques in the field of landscape.

After completing his studies at the Blaise Pascal Institute of Giaveno (Turin) in administration finance and marketing, he immediately found work at the Studio of a great contemporary painter of the metaphysics movement, maestro Antonio Nunziante, who chose him for the quality of his images. Dealing with public relations and graphic communication has had the opportunity, to deepen international contacts and post production skills in Photoshop and others editing software by Adobe Creative suite.

Photography accompanies him constantly traveling around the world, even if he always prefers landscape and nature photography.

His motto “Art does not reproduce the visible, rather it makes visible” is taken from a mention by Paul Klee, a Swiss painter of German nationality. It is an expression that has profound significance for the work and dedication in the photograph, which is to use photography as a means to share something fascinating to human eye. Is in fact a precise moment, in that particular weather conditions, lasting a few seconds enclosed in one click which is able to enhance what nature has already made it so amazingly beautiful. The function of photographer is making visible everything that you normally could not notice and realize. It’s up to the observer to interpret and specially identify himself with the viewfinder of photographer that after he had walked through the tops of the mountains in extreme conditions has found the best composition probably staying knee-deep in water, or on a frozen lake.


As you can see from my galleries I love the majesty of nature around us, often hard to capture in a single photo. Few are the parameter I use to make public a shot: the search for beauty in unusual key allows me to be free during the shooting, but the study of images together with the knowledge of a good and balanced post-production are the final stage in deciding if the image is good or must be left to age into the hard disk.

I want particularly to thank Simone Miotto, a dear friend who has always followed me, especially in the mountains when he suggestd to me, “Try to see if you can include the reflection in the foreground” or “I think you can try to place the peak of that mountain in the middle of scene”. It is also thanks to him that the passion for photography has always been a fun and adventure for me. (To see his work www.simonemiotto.com)

Photo by Simone Miotto

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